15 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Start your e-commerce business with innovative, easy-to-implement online business ideas, this will help you to go fast on the path of creating strong wealth.

Starting a business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs, but finding online business ideas and starting your own business can be a challenge. In the digital age, selling products and services online can present unique and cost-effective startup options for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • The key to a great online business idea is finding one that matches your skills and strengths.
  • Consulting, setting up an e-commerce store, becoming a web designer and starting a blog are examples of online businesses that you can easily start.
  • Online business ideas can have staying power as e-commerce growth is expected to continue as more consumers access digital media for personal and business purposes.
  • This article is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration to start an online business.

Whether you want to be a full-time entrepreneur or start a part-time online business to generate side income, your product, or service should address a specific consumer need. We’ve compiled a list of potentially profitable online businesses or in other side, we can say another side hustle income with minimal startup costs that you can launch quickly.

Online Business Ideas to start from today

15 Authentic Online Business Ideas

  • Become an online blogger.

If you enjoy writing or want to share valuable information, blogging can be a profitable business.

Starting a business blog (The 20 Best Business Blogs) is easy with website builders like Weebly and WordPress. However, consistency and quality are the keys to success. To gain a steady following, you must continually write and produce quality content that provides value to your readers. Content that educates, informs, or entertains your readers gives them a reason to follow you.

Once you master creating consistent content, you can monetize your blog by selling products like online courses, digital coaching, e-books, or webinars. You can also sell ad space or sponsored posts. This business strategy may take a little more time and effort to make money, but it can be very profitable.

  • Become a niche ecommerce retailer.

There’s an audience for everything, even if it’s as specific as dollhouse furniture or organic dog food. A niche ecommerce website allows you to reach customers who are looking for their specific products. Finding a niche business can help you differentiate yourself from other brands and build your credibility and expertise. Check out social media or your consumers need to develop a product to sell in your online store.

To get your ecommerce business up and running, you need a web hosting service with an integrated shopping cart or ecommerce software. To simplify the shipping process, you can work with suppliers to deliver products to customers on your behalf. This can reduce the amount of inventory you need to keep on site.

  • Sell crafts online.

Online marketplaces for handmade goods like Etsy and its competitors make it effortless for crafters to sell their wares online. This is an option if you can produce a steady supply of quality handmade products, such as crocheted blankets or uniquely painted glassware, to sell online. If you have a unique craft, selling products on an e-commerce site is a great way to make money while at home doing what you love.

The start-up costs for this business idea are extremely low if you buy the creative materials in bulk from a craft supplier. If you can quickly create and sell your artwork in an online store, you’ll be turning a profit in no time. Local artisans achieve greater success by promoting their businesses on social media.

  • Start a remote tech support business.

Many small businesses don’t have room in their budget to hire a full-time IT employee. When their systems are up and running, they usually turn to a computer-savvy friend or family member. If you are technically savvy and have experience working with computers and networks, you can eliminate the need for them to ask for a favor by providing instant technical support through remote desktop software.

While some companies may prefer that you have a technical degree, many will look to your experience and knowledge instead. You can build your remote tech support business by reaching out to friends, family, and local business owners about their tech support needs. Use job boards like Upwork as another source for freelance tech support gigs.

  • Become an affiliate marketer.

If you enjoy leaving customer reviews on sites like Amazon, consider turning to affiliate marketing as a source of income. Word of mouth is still a powerful lead generator for many businesses. Many companies are willing to share a portion of their profits with persuasive individuals who will promote their products to the public.

Affiliate programs are divided into different levels of involvement:

— Freelance Affiliate Marketing. Freelance affiliate marketing is a basic pay-per-click campaign that requires little or no engagement with the product you’re promoting.
— Associate Affiliate Marketing. Related affiliate marketing requires that you have some authority and content on the product you are marketing, but you do not have to personally use the product.
— Affiliate marketing involved. Affiliate marketing involved is perhaps the most effective because you will be marketing a product that you actually use and enjoy.

If you have a personal website or social media presence with a large audience, affiliate programs can be a profitable approach for you, you can explore the list of 100 Best Affiliate Programs . PR reps are constantly looking for brand advocates and influencers, so they can send out free samples.

  • Start a Search Engine Development Business.

Google and Bing are ubiquitous, but they don’t necessarily meet all user needs. If you’re an expert in a certain area, create your own search engine that helps people with less knowledge find what they’re looking for. Your chances of success may be higher if your search engine allows users to enter parameters such as subtopics and source type, rather than just performing a general search.

  • Become an app developer.

Mobile apps are more popular than ever, people are willing to pay good money for ways to manage their lives from their smartphones. If you have a great new idea for an app and know how to code, consider building an app. You can also become a mobile app developer for companies that need to create proprietary apps.

Both options require you to know the basics of software design and at least two common programming languages such as SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails or iOS.

If you have an app idea but don’t know the ins and outs of coding, many software developers are eager to collaborate with other professionals to create apps. Depending on your situation and know-how, you may be able to make a profitable business out of app development.

  • Start a web design or development company.

If you’re a creative digital professional who enjoys creating a website layout, visual theme, font scheme, and color scheme, freelance web design might be a good path for you. You have little or no experience in this field, you can learn the basics of web design and master the tools you need to be successful.

Interested in the coding side of creating effective websites, freelance web development could be your wheelhouse. If you’re familiar with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and have a keen eye for solving problems with creative solutions, you can start a service to create attractive and user-friendly websites for small businesses. If you need to learn the basics of web development before launching your full career, take a beginner’s course to get started.

Put your technical and creative skills to work for business owners looking to take their online presence to the next level. Build an extensive portfolio and create your own website to showcase it and attract a steady stream of clients.

  • Start an online podcast network.

Recently, there has been an explosion of people starting podcasts and listening to their favorites. Capitalize on this trend by starting your podcast network. You can populate your network with whatever podcasts you record, but letting other people—whether friends or online strangers—contribute their podcasts can help your network grow faster. As your network grows, you can increase the price per podcast download.

  • Start a tele coaching business.

For a more personal, one-on-one experience, consider telecoaching. Some people seeking one-on-one help may want more than classes. People who need help advancing their careers, improving their diet or finding more meaning in their lives could benefit from your coaching via video chat software such as Zoom or Skype.

Rather than giving exercises and grades, your goal as a telecoach is to provide clients with advice, guidance, and support. If you blog for your company or regularly post on LinkedIn about your coaching topics, you come across as more trustworthy and knowledgeable.

  • Become a startup advisor.

Many of the world’s leading technology companies began as small startups that discovered the right business model for success. As a startup advisor, you can advise tomorrow’s companies today. Use your experience in corporate finance, software development and other relevant fields to give new businesses the knowledge they need to succeed. As these startups succeed, so will your business.

  • Start an online business consulting firm.

Businesses need attorneys to protect them in legal matters and educate them about what they can and cannot do. By starting an online business consulting firm, you can offer corporate employees a way to get their legal affairs in order without the exorbitant fees and extensive personal involvement of traditional attorneys.

You must prove that you have passed the bar exam to build your client base. Moreover, point out that your business is entirely online. If your client needs to go to court, they must hire a lawyer in their area to represent them before a judge or jury.

  • Become a technical writer.

The internet is full of copywriters for hire. However, few copywriters have the technical expertise to properly write an instruction manual for a large machine or to accurately convey scientific results. If you have a science background and can write about it, start an online business that lets people hire your technical writing services. Advertise on LinkedIn, Fiverr and other platforms to attract customers.

  • Start an online training or educational service.

There are many ways to start an online business focused on education and training, including tutoring, creating and selling digital courses, and using YouTube to deliver video-based education.

Online tutoring. — Just because someone takes classes in a subject doesn’t mean they understand the material well. If you are good at explaining things in a one-to-one situation and have enough experience and knowledge in a subject, you should consider starting an online tutoring business in that field.

You can use video chat tools like Zoom or Skype to conduct remote coaching sessions and share your knowledge with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Consider budgeting for Craigslist and Fiverr ads in your business model.

Online training. — Similar to tutoring, people around the world could benefit if you share your expertise. Starting an online business offering digital courses for anyone interested is an easy way to make money – you can sell prepared written materials or other downloadable content for a fee.

YouTube tutorial videos. — YouTube makes starting an online education business effortless. Upload videos of you teaching viewers on any topic, whether beginner or advanced, and use social media to spread the word about your channel. As your viewership grows, you can monetize your videos and reap the rewards.

Tips for starting a successful online business

Starting an online business is exciting but challenging. There are several legal steps you must take, including choosing your business name, obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), determining the legal structure of your business, and insuring your business.

While every business is unique, there are some essential steps to follow to maximize your chances of starting a successful online business.

  • Pick a business idea or industry based on your knowledge and passion.
  • Find a business niche based on gaps in the market.
  • Conduct market research and competitive analysis to assess your competition and product viability.
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws that apply to online businesses.
  • Do your research before choosing a particular software to build your online store.
  • Create a comprehensive marketing strategy (eg website, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing and local marketing).

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